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Several airways flights, from Europe and Canada land in Ponta Delgada (PDL) and Terceira (TER): from these islands you can fly to Flores (FLW) only with SATA, the official Açorean airway and even if the percentage is really low, sometimes due to weather conditions are possible flight cancellations, so be prepared to have some more days and patience around here if it happens.

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We are involved in several activities, transfers and tours during the whole season so, as a private house we kindly request your arrival time in order to open the door and welcome you giving our local informations (if not you could wait even hours). Please any change of your arrival time should be emailed to us or using the following form.

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Unfortunately we don’t use the phone so please write here your needs to have a fast answer. Thank you.

FAQ - Answers to common questions

How to move, what could you find in this remote westernmost place.

Here in the western most European village

Fajã Grande has some less then 200 inhabitants and, lying on the “alternative” west coast of Flores, it is Europe’s westernmost village. It is situated on the seashore of a coastal plain (fajã) and is enclosed by a high cliff of 90 meters with about 20 waterfalls. A few minutes from home are natural rock pools, water pools/holes under the waterfalls, a Balneario with beach facilities, a natural sea-water swimming pool for children and some little taverns. All this lying under the orange sunset over the ocean.

What you will find here, you may like or not!

All our efforts are to enjoy the stay of our guests with a calm and private ambient and we think that you should know better before some more things of this place because it is not a TripAdvisor or Booking destination, but the best private and enjoyable home base to rest and discover Flores.

You’ll be surrounded by an ethnic atmosphere with things, objects, pictures, books and reportages from all over the world, somewhere and sometimes wrapped by fragrances and incense mixed with the smell of the old ship-wood inside this house of 1700.

In the garden live three beautiful cats. Alice and Courèlas, sometimes they need some cuddle so they could visit two of our rooms that have access to the patio/garden. Or you may meet them if you, from the breakfast room, go outside n the garden. Just ignore them if you don’t like cats, they are educated enough to understand.

Any other information around the Web concerning this place, not in this site reported, are old informations or pictures related to the previous management that most of the times are not updated even after years!

There aren’t house rules, we use a good common sense you should probably have too, choosing to come here!

Last but not least, Internet & TVs (@MEOpt) on this west side of the island arrives only with antennas and not with a cable so, it could happen to have an on-off connection due to weather conditions.

How far is Fajã Grande from the airport?

You can arrive in Flores only with a plane, there aren’t boat connections from the continent. Only some from the central islands in the summer but they take about 8 hours to reach Lajes das Flores, south of Fajã Grande. Once landed east in the fajã of Santa Cruz, the road rise up cutting the island through west, inside the Parque Naturais dos Açores up to 600 meter asl, and then descend to the coastal plains (fajãs). You will see Fajãzinha from height and after you will descend to our fajã with the high Falésia with waterfalls on your right. It takes half an hour with a car (+/- 23km).

Do we need to rent a car?

If you like to be autonomous and don’t come here just for hiking, a car is the best choice. You find Autatlantis and Ilha Verde websites online just googling their names.

Markets, Restaurants

There are two Markets and several good Restaurant and Snack-Bar. Each has its own special taste and they should be tried all, in our opinion.

How to ask for a reservation?

When you navigate through the site and decide which room to book, calendars could be used to select with one click on the IN day, and one more click on the OUT day. Insert your email, then your name and needs in the reference, and book. You will have soon a detailed answers also checked by a human being with availability, total price and info to secure the reservation.

How to secure your booking?

A Bank Money Order is suggested to secure the booking of a room, corresponding to the 30% of the total cost of the scheduled stay (50% for more rooms reservation).

You will receive a receipt of it, if you need and invoice please tell us before adding your name, address and VAT number. The remaining balance can be paid upon departure by cash or online banking before getting Flores. We do not accept any credit card and ATM service are only available in Santa Cruz and Lajes. Please note that we don’t have credit card and there’s no ATM in Fajã Grande. As a fresh news only a Restaurant here sometimes, could offer an ATM service.

The minimum stay are 3 nights (next year there’ll be just one season from May thru October).
Stays of less nights will be charged 3 nights anyway, we are really sorry about this but we work just 5 months a year and rooms are scheduled in this way.
The prices listed include VAT 4%.
Release / Cancellations: for single rooms free until a month ahead of time; payment of 50% of the whole stay between 15 and 30 days ahead of time; cancellation between 1 e 15 days prior to client’s arrival, or No show: we charge the whole cost of the stay.

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