• Europe’s last west

    UNESCO Flores Biosphere Reserve embraces a considerable variety in culture, cuisine and traditions spanning centuries

  • Waterfalls

    Breathaking landscapes, impressive flora, fascinating volcanic features and amazing hiking paths 

  • Eco-System

    Natural evolutionary laboratory with a significant number of endemic species found nowhere else in the world

  • Old Firm Land

    Safe, welcoming and affordable. An outdoor paradise for marine, forest and mountain adventure activities

  • Where vessel are shipwrecked

    Isolated in the North Atlantic to explore 365 days each year, an hotspot for cultural and bio-conservation

  • Turismo de Natureza Exuberante Esclusivo

    Rich gastronomy, based on local products of excellence, a World’s most Sustainable Tourism Destination

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The Guesthouse in 2023 Celebrates

2023 Season Celebrating 33 years

Argonauta (Argonaut) historically stands for the “brave navigator”. Dating back at least three centuries, the original building was thoroughly remodelled in 1929, when it featured the first bathroom in Fajã Grande and the only piano on the island of Flores.


Flores and Corvo are the only Açorean islands emerging from the American tectonic plate, and they are, therefore, the most stable islands of the whole Archipelago – firm land which doesn’t shake.

Rooms & Suites

Minimum stay of 3 nights, even if staying one or two nights it will be charged as three nights.
Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. Rustic Class & Warmth.
Prices for 2 persons with breakfast.


En Suite, Queen.



En Suite, Queen



En Suite, Queen


Suite Noroeste

En Suite, King, up to 4p


Suite Sudoeste

En Suite, King, up to 4p


Rustic Comforts

Our en-suite accommodation consists of 3 rooms (Pátio and Gáia with private entrance/exit and Gáia with kitchenette) and the 2 upper Suites, Flores’ largest bedrooms. All the rooms are detailed in volcanic rock and old Oregon fir dismounted from shipwrecked ships. Breakfast is served in the ground floor which opens onto the patio.

The uniqueness of the place

Fajã Grande has a bit more than 200 inhabitants and, lying on the “alternative” west coast of Flores, it is Europe’s westernmost village. It is situated on the seashore of a coastal plain (fajã) and is enclosed by a high cliff of 100 meters with about 20 waterfalls and 7 lakes, place of bird nests.





Mythology and Location

The epic tale of the sailing adventures of Jason and the Argonauts – the crew of the ship Argo in the Aegean – soon became a symbol of maritime heroism in Greek Mythology as well as other works like the famous Odyssey. Looking at the Portuguese world, Ulysses’ voyage could have brought him all the way to former Olisipo (Lisbon), thereby linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic with an early “voyage of discovery”. Not mentioning such about an Atlantis land, with its mysterious tales? “In the Shadow” a new book by Manolis Koutlis, tells of a stop to Poço da Bacalau from the Argonauts…

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About Us

Argonauta stands near the parish church. The original building dating back at least three centuries, was thoroughly remodelled in 1929, when it featured the first bathroom in Fajã Grande and the only piano on the island of Flores. Since 1991, the small Guesthouse has been functioning with a resident owner, registered as private lodging with local tourist authorities; in 2016 a new Argonauta took the helm, renovating and continuing its peacefully welcoming visitors from any culture to Fajã Grande and Flores Island and this season after more than thirty consecutive years! Today Argonauta features a warm place where feelings spouse in a while the stay for the island discovery; it will be the wanted place to have a rest after a great walking or a sunny bath, surrounded of many other books, pictures and stories from many countries.. one will no stop to travel! All within the 5 art rooms and suites with ensuite bathroom into the main house. Thanks to the use of natural cleaning products, we have eliminated any chemical substance for your stay, from your bed to your breakfast. The house step also into the future sharing a goal with the past: to guarantee the usual, personal, high-Atlantic hospitality to guests, providing them with the secret maps for breathtaking walks, car & photographic tours, kayaking, canyoning, or marine and lake routes.

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